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I used to think it was just who I was...
I didn't want to feel numb anymore.
I know what it's like...
when nobody understands you
One minute you're fine, the next you feel numb for no reason at all.
You just want is to feel like somebody understands.
But you just can't seem to 'fix' yourself.
I never understood WHY...
I spent years of my life trying to understand why I couldn't go more than a few weeks without feeling depressed.
I was raised by loving parents, in a great home. But, for some reason, I still struggled with my self-worth. I never felt like I fit in, like I was constantly misunderstood by everyone around me.

Every solution people gave me just felt like a temporary band-aid. I didn't like the way anti-depressants made me feel. They took away the lows, but they also took away the highs, and I wasn't able to be truly happy.

But on the inside, I was having an identity crisis. 
My hope was almost depleted and I was starving for purpose.
That was before everything began to shift
  Before I had a sense of urgency...

  Before I discovered my confidence...

  Before I broke the cycle of depression and anxiety...
(Just before everything began to change for me)
Headshot of Brady Winder
Headshot of Brady Winder
Headshot of Brady Winder
It was October 1st, 2015. I was just coming out of an all-time low depression, and I realized something had to change. I moved my little family to a new city with a new job, and had just started my 4th day at community college.

At 10:23 gunfire broke out and I witnessed a mass shooting that took the lives of 9 colleagues just on the other side of a wall. 

That day, I thought I might never get to hold my wife in my arms again. I saw my son's smile as I ran, thinking it might be my last image of him.
...I thank God that I'm able to write this today.

After the chaos settled, I learned two things.

One... Every single day is a gift. 
I pray that you never need to have a life-altering event to realize this. Through tragedy, I learned how short life really is and that I'm never promised tomorrow. I feel it's my responsibility, to make sure that I live life to the fullest, for those who are not with us today. 

It's my calling to help others discover their true worth and live their own comeback story.

Two... I can no longer be the victim.
 My depression was real and it sucks to struggle with it, but I was not doing my part in fighting it, I wasn’t taking responsibility for my emotions, and it was taking a toll on my family - the people I cared about most. That wasn’t the Dad or husband I wanted to be.

You see, I was always waiting for things to get better... waiting for things to change until one night when I was at at all-time-low, my wife realized that she couldn’t save me. It wasn’t her responsibility. She told me she would always be there for me and I would always have her support. But ultimately, my life was in my own hands. I had the wake up call that I wasn’t always the victim and something had to change. I was sick and tired of hitting low after low. I had nowhere to go but up. I had to get better.
"I'm Ready to change"
My entire self-worth used to be based what people thought of me... I needed a new identity.

For years I had been trying to do life alone... I needed someone to guide me...  a community of people to support me.

I needed to reinvent myself. I started throwing everything at depression that I could. I started reshaping my life, surrounding myself with the people I wanted to be like, talking to psychologists and psycholgist so I could better understand depression, anxiety, and how to combat it.

My entire outlook on life was changing. My negative thoughts were subsiding. I felt confident in who I was.

All of these experiences, research, and transformation has allowed me to create what's in front of you today...
Can you Imagine What Life Would Be Like If you had the tools to reinvent yourself???
I'm going to show you exactly how to find...

Confidence in your self.

Consistency in your emotions.

Freedom from your past.

Get access to the
#1 Guide for OVERCOMING depressioN
I've pieced together every crucial part of my journey and created an easy-to-follow, all-inclusive course that strategically walks you through the stories, the insights, and specific action-steps required to completely transform your life.
All included in one easy-to-follow 7-step program.
Here is everything you'll GAIN 
Depression sucks online course: how to break the cycle and re-discover happiness
Depression Sucks: How to Break the Cycle and Re-DISCOVER HAPPiness
By taking a holistic, identity-driven approach to happiness, each session of this course tackles a new area of life. You'll learn the insights and strategies necessary to fight depression and increase your emotional intelligence, so you can break free from fear and pain live a fulfilling life -  all at your own pace. 
Brady's 7-Session video workshop
I'm going to sit down and personally guide you through the entirety of this course, giving you the inspiration and motivation you need to succeed. It's a combination of my most impactful stories and the best lessons I've learned from experts in depression. 
...Plus, The ENTIRE Audio collection!
Sometimes having busy lives means we need more options. That's why I've recorded and am giving to you the audio version of the entire course, for free.

Whether your at home or on the go, time won't be able to get in the way of you becoming your best self.
Oh, by the way, you're also going to get these exclusive bonuses!
BONUS #1 HAPPIness Hacks
Once I beat depression I realized there was still a missing piece. I needed to get the fun and excitement back into my life that I'd been missing out on. I put together this list of "hacks" - quick, healthy surefire ways of getting out of the slumps and becoming fully charged!
My entire transformation would not have been possible without having true experts to help me gain a deeper level of understanding for depression. From PhDs to CEOs, this is my secret gold mine of knowledge - truth-revealing interviews on what you need: depression and anxiety, self-worth, self-talk, identity, and more!
 6 Months
The worst part about battling depression, is fighting it alone.
 You're going to have struggles. You're going to need encouragement and perspective along the way. Which is why I've created a supportive community of people who share a hunger for happiness, that will challenge and encourage you to become your best self. You'll get 6 months of access to the comeback story community, for free. That means monthly live coaching calls with me, real fellowship, and all new, original content, all inside of Facebook! 
I've designed an entire playbook of world-class mindset-mastery for just a fraction of it's value.
(for less than just one appointment with a psychologist!)
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
No obligations, no contracts. If for any reason you'd like your money back, just email me and I'll refund you your entire purchase. -no questions asked.
I've got
one final thing...
Who you are today is a result of the decisions you made yesterday.

Don't put off your happiness for another minute. Get all the tools and resources you need to change your life today, risk free, while it's still available.

I believe in you,
Here is
When You Purchase This AMAZING Offer!
  • 'Depression Sucks' Full Course Access  ($497 Value)
  • ​'Depression Sucks' The Complete Audio Guide ($197 Value)
  • ​Exclusive 7-Session Video Workshop ($97 Value)​ 
  • BONUS: ​'Expert Interviews' The Complete Audio Series ($147 Value)​ 
  • ​BONUS: Happiness Hacks (my go-to mood boosters) ($37 Value)
  • BONUS: 6 MONTHS of Comeback Community Access ($90 Value)
Total Value: $1,065
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only For $20
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